Open banking by BigeDirect.

Connect to the fastest growing bank payments trend.

  • One integration for secure access to all banks
  • Easy checkout experience for customers through payment initiation
  • Real time payments guarantees payments, enabling merchants to ship products with confidence
  • Intuitive user interface branded to your liking with no re-routing

Our solution

One API. Thousands of banks.

Open the gates for new markets and happy customers.

Our API lets you accept payments from anywhere in Europe at our more than 4,000 connected banks.

Download our full list of connected banks.

Financial services you can trust

We want to help consumers and merchants process and integrate payments seamlessly and securely, whilst giving choice, reducing cost and delivering added value.

We will do this by bringing together traditional payment methods with open banking payments where we facilitate instant movement of funds at any time and from any location.

We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to being innovative, flexible, and customer and merchant oriented.

Customers in focus

It is our dedicated mission to improve our customers financial well-being by providing high-quality low-cost financial services, banking and payment methods.

We provide a familiar payment interface through several channels that give the customers a greater sense of overall control of their money.