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Receive and send international payments

Transparent Pricing
- Part of the package or as a standalone service

Multi-currency IBANs

Send and receive payments internationally via SEPA and SWIFT. Benefit from corporate banking, merchant settlement accounts, payroll, and much more.

Manage your accounts

  • Real multi-currency accounts (IBANs)
  • 28 end-to-end currencies with integrated foreign exchange module
  • European BIC and Sort Code
  • SWIFT, SEPA and card scheme transfer networks
  • Modern core banking with seamless API connectivity
  • Easy access to card issuers, payment accounts, merchant facilities and more
  • Real IBANs for your customers, no wallets or aggregated funds
  • Fast account sign-up and automated processes Multiple
  • applications, like settlement accounts, retail customer
  • accounts, corporate accounts and more
8,200.00 EUR
Customer Payment
255.00 EUR
Salaries Expenses
5,375.00 EUR
10,250.00 EUR

Multi-currency IBANs

We offer multi-currency IBAN accounts unique sort codes, to merchants anywhere in the world. Each IBAN is an individual Current Account, registered in your company's name.

Combine our corporate bank accounts with our payment solution, and get paid daily in any currency.

Local acquirers and payment methods

Every market is different, and the correct approach goes a long way. Learn effective payment strategies to target your customers through our payment guides.