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More than 400M bank accounts integrated in one single game-changing payment solution!

The BigeDirect solution

Introducing payment initiation

One simple integration that connects you to all B2B and B2C accounts in Europe, so you can create seamless payment flows at lower costs and reduced risks.

With our integration to all European Banks, BigeDirect eliminates the need for traditional payment channels!

Financial services you can trust.

Since we are 100% independent from banks and Telco’s, we move, route and settle the customer funds directly from the personal accounts to the merchant’s corporate accounts instantly. Without any middlemen and without any delays.

The potential benefits of open banking are substantial: improved customer experience, new revenue streams, and a sustainable service model for traditionally underserved markets.

Open Banking – Payment Initiation Services

Payment Initiation is a brand new payment method with the power to revolutionize the way we move, manage, and use our money.

Open Banking has reference to the Second Payments Services Directive (PSD2), with the purpose of enabling consumers as well as small businesses in the EU to have greater control over their funds and financial data.

This means licensed companies such as BigeDirect can route payments directly from the customer’s bank accounts to the merchant’s bank account instantly – always with the customer’s consent. 

Our Services

Connect to the fastest growing bank payments trend

  • One integration for secure access to all banks
  • Easy checkout experience for customers through payment initiation
  • Real time payments guarantees payments, enabling merchants to ship products with confidence
  • Intuitive user interface branded to your liking with no re-routing

Paradigm shift

BigeDirect facilitates merchants and consumers to exchange data and funds instantly in a more secure, user-friendly and frictionless experience. BigeDirect is simplifying the payment value chain significantly.

The customer simply selects the payment type during the checkout process, at which point they are redirected to their bank’s online banking environment to securely confirm the payment. BigeDirect routes the transaction – without holding the funds – directly to the merchant’s account anywhere in Europe.

Benefits for merchants

BigeDirect connects merchants directly with their customers’ accounts, for both direct payments and access to information. This means lower costs, less friction and a better customer experience. Conversion rates and cart values go up because of a better customer experience, while chargebacks are reduced.

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